Americas’ Golden Years

The American Dream is alive and well

By Harold Miller

In the last century our great country suffered through many threats to our way of life, including World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the following Cold War and the horror of 9/11, the deadliest foreign attack on American soil in history.

Now it’s time to take a breath, relax and enjoy what promises to be our golden years.

The world is undergoing a new industrial evolution (as opposed to revolution) and landscaping materials the likes of which has never been experienced before. The core of todays’ industrial evolution is computer technology: Artificial intelligence (AI), super computers, quantum computing, data mining, cloud computing and 5G. We have also developed a new source of cleaner, low-cost energy from fracking technology.

All these developments will radically change how we live our lives and how our manufacturing and financing works. Medical science is on the verge of amazing breakthroughs over the next 10 years, which will dramatically change cancer treatment and survival, ageing, Alzheimer’s prevention, healthy living and how medical care is delivered.

America is the epicenter for most of this new technology — consequently our financial gain and gross domestic product (GDP) will greatly benefit. In fact, it already has.

The rest of the world is hardly in the race. America is on the verge of a technological break-out at least for the next decade. The equity markets have lots of room to run over the long run and the big tech companies (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook) will be the new rocks on which our country will be re-built.

Be happy you are an American right now!

Beyond the record-breaking achievements in wealth creation for all levels come record levels in economics, finance and science discovery. The U.S. housing market is on fire now. Refinancing is up 90% over last year and new housing is in short supply in many places. New house construction was up 16.5% in the later part of last year. Housing is the biggest contributor of any sector due to all the ancillary purchases (furniture, appliances, lawnmowers and landscaping materials etc). Today the total economy is very solid, and earnings are solid.

The greatest problem the U.S. faces today is that there are very few who can qualify to do the work that has been generated by this explosion of technology. We must begin the necessary training programs immediately or lose the goose that has laid the golden egg.

The American Dream is alive and well and our gates are still open to those who wish to partake of it. All that is necessary is that they enter legally, become citizens and obey the laws of our land. Our continued democracy and freedom are delicate things that depend on responsible leaders who will stand by the laws that keeps America the hope of the world.

You might want to read David McCullough’s book, “The Pioneers” about the remarkable pilgrim New Englanders who insisted from the beginning that there be absolute freedom of religion, that there be a major emphasis on public education, and slavery be against the law. This declaration would become our Constitution and still is the law of the land.